Happy National School Counseling Week 2014!

To start our week off, I made small notes for everyone's mailbox.  The picture above is today's message.  

In addition, I will be going into lunch periods to mix and mingle with the students.  For them I  have this Word Scramble.  I'm asking students to return it completed to my office by Friday and they will be entered in a drawing for some prizes.  I have a stash in my drawer just waiting to be handed out.

Here is the Word Scramble:

For National School Counseling Week I have messages planned for everyday.  In addition I have some other treats planned for our faculty.  I don't want to ruin the surprise, so make sure to check out my blog to find out what I planned for the day.

So, join in the NSCW 14 conversation by leaving a comment or by one of the ways below:  

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