TpT is having a huge sale and I added The Starfish Story-(a 30 min or less) Lesson Plan

300 × 300

Check out the sale on February 27th and 28th!  My products are all 20% off .  

Be sure to check out Teachers Pay Teachers.  I know there are some products other counselors have in their TpT stores that I will be purchasing during this big sale.  

It's a great time to get new supplies for your shelves and thank a colleague for putting together a great lesson for you. 

For just a few bucks think about how much time you and money you are saving.  If you calculate out your dollar per hour rate, and figure how many hours it would take to duplicate a lesson, how much would your lesson cost you? Mine average out to hundreds of dollars per lesson, so for under $10, I'm getting a bargain!!!

Here's a link to my store.

Want to open up your own store?  Use this referral link.  

In addition, I have added a new lesson plan on my favorite and most asked about lesson using The Starfish Story.

Comes with the Starfish Story, Discussion Questions, Starfish Printable and ASCA Standards.

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