Last (Girls') Lunch Bunch Of The Year

Bittersweet.  That describes my day today.  My last lunch bunch of the year.  I have seen so much growth in these girls over the past school year.  The camaraderie, the teamwork, the support, and the being comfortable in one's own skin are just a few of the areas of growth I have witness take place.  I wanted to make sure to have a fun project that each kiddo could take home and summarizes their year.

I was given a $100 budget for lunch bunch for this year, and I saved it all for this project.  I bought 39 initials for my two groups.  I also bought a few ink pens and markers.

When the girls came in I had descriptive words written all over my whiteboard.  I told them these were words that came to my mind when I thought about them.

The initials were all spread out on my table.  As the kids came in I handed out their initials and had them take a pen or marker.  They ate quickly and  I asked them to write words they thought described each of their new friends on their friends' initials.  

Here is the what they looked like by the time lunch was over.

I then added a little bling and voila, our finished project. . .

These were really special.  I have 3 students who will be moving to a new district next school year.  They were so happy to have something they could take with them.  I held back my tears as they shared with me their thoughts.  I will miss these beautiful ladies next year.  

Stay tuned, as next week I have something planned for the boys!

Do you do anything special planned for your last Lunch Bunch?  Let me know.  Join in the conversation. . .

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    1. Carol these are beautiful! What a great way to finish the year! My principal is working on getting us out of cafeteria duty next school year. If so, I will use so many of your ideas for lunch groups! :) Thank you!

    2. Hi Carol. Where did u get the letters from? What is the material?


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