Want Advice? Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen

I've been hearing this song a lot on the radio lately.  May and June are always a time for lots of words of wisdom to be passed around.  While this song was first written as a newspaper article for the Chicago Tribune, it received much popularity after being turned into a graduation song.  
But, we all give advice and we all receive advice.  In Lunch Bunch today, I shared the video with the kids and we talked a lot about good advice, useful advice, and advice that, well, is not so hot.
Right now they are working on a book for the end of the year that will be a compilation of everyone's advice.  They really love sharing these types of projects.  I have a few students who wanted a little more time to finish their advice, but what has been turned in is great.  Can't wait for the final book.  I know it will be a keeper!

I used this video (although there are many versions).

Here are are some pictures of the work we did.

What advice for a good life do you have?  Share below.

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