Free Courses That You Can Use For Professional Development

Coursera is a website that offers free courses.  I stumbled upon this by looking at Pinterest.  I was intrigued so I thought I would take a look and low and behold I found  a few classes I was interested in.  

Like this one about Digital Storytelling

In Digital Storytelling participants will learn he digital storytelling process and use the skills learned from the course to create a digital story for use in a K-12 classroom, composed of still images, audio narration, music and text.

Course Syllabus:

Over the course of five weeks, we will cover the following topics:
  • Week 1: Choosing a topic and purpose
  • Week 2: Writing an effective script and creating a storyboard 
  • Week 3: Recording audio narration
  • Week 4: Using technology to build a digital story 
  • Week 5: Revising, publishing and sharing the final digital story for use in the classroom

And then there is this one about Get Organized: How To Be A Together Teacher.  This course provides insights, templates and exercises designed to get every teacher and school counselor organized.

And then there's this one:  Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence from Case Western University.  

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Class 1: Resonant Leadership and the neuroscience behind it
  • Module 1.1: What is great leadership?
  • Module 1.2: Resonant leaders create experiences with the people around them of Hope, Compassion, Mindfulness, and Playfulness
  • Module 1.3: The neuroscience of resonant leadership
 Week 2: Class 2: Renewal as an antidote to chronic stress
  • Module 2.1: Emotions are contagious
  • Module 2.2: Stress and renewal
  • Module 2.3: Strategies for renewal and building resonant relationships
Week 3: Class 3: Emotional Intelligence and its link to Leadership
  • Module 3.1: Emotional, social, and cognitive intelligence competencies
  • Module 3.2: EI and SI in various fields of work and they can be developed
Week 4: Class 4: Inspiring and Motivating Sustained Development, Growth and Learning
  • Module 4.1: People and relationships who inspired you and Intentional Change Theory
  • Module 4.2: The Positive (PEA) and Negative Emotional Attractors (NEA)
Week 5: Class 5: Coaching with Compassion to Inspire Sustained Learning and Development
  • Module 5.1: Doctor/Patient, teacher/student studies and neruological evidence of coaching to the PEA
  • Module 5.2: Survive and Thrive – Balancing the PEA and NEA
  • Module 5.3: Practicing conversations that inspire
    Week 5: Class 6: Peer Coaching: With a Little Help from My Friends
    •  Module 6.1: Reviewing and evaluating a Coaching with Compassion essay
    Week 6: Class 7: Inspiring Change through Hope and Vision – Discovery #1 in ICT
    • Module 7.1: The battle between the Ideal Self and Ought Self
    • Module 7.2: Components of the Ideal Self/Personal Vision
    • Module 7.3: Developing your personal vision, including life and career stage
    Week 7: Class 8: The Multi-Level Nature of Sustained, Desired Change
    • Module 8.1: Multi-level change: Resonant leadership and social identity groups
    • Module 8.2: Developing Shared Vision in Teams and Organizations
    • Module 8.3: Recent research on the impact of shared vision
    • Module 8.4: Team change (Beatles versus Rolling Stones) and Developing social  Identity (Trekkers and Apple Users) 
    Week 8: Class 9: The Real Self and Learning Agenda- Discoveries #2,3,4 in ICT
    • Module 9.1: The Real Self versus the Faux Self and Learning Agenda (not a Performance Improvement Plan)
    • Module 9.2: Experimentation and Practice
    • Module 9.3: Review

    Intrigued?  Check out the list of FREE class that they have to offer.  Many will also earn you a certificate of completion.  

    Do You know of other ways to get some professional development?  Let us know.  Join the conversation through one of the ways below:

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    1. Great info! Thanks for sharing. Trish Hatch's Data, Data, Data course will also be free for a limited time.


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