Thursday, September 18, 2014

Take What You Need ~ A Get-To-Know-You Activity

I don't usually bring my own toilet paper to school, but for this activity, it was essential.  This is my second week of Lunch Bunch, and I am still trying to get to know all of my 5th graders.  Last week I was in shock when I had over 30 girls join me.  This week, I borrowed a classroom and a few more girls joined.  I need to split the large group up into small groups, but wanted to get to know them a little more first before splitting them up.  

As the girls ate their lunch, I walked around the room with my toilet paper. They only thing I said to them as I stood in front of them was "Take what you need."  There were all kinds of questions and comments about what the toilet paper was going to be used for.  Some of my favorites were:
  • Is the bathroom out of TP?
  • Aren't there any nakins?
  • Am I supposed to save this for something?
  • OMG, the school is out of money and we need to bring in our own Toilet Paper!!!!
Needless to say, some girls took a little, some took a lot, and some weren't sure what to do!

Here is one of my friends taking A LOT of the white stuff! 

When everyone had what they needed, I explained that for each square they had to share one thing about themselves.  If they took a piece of one square they had to ask one person a question, and if their piece was ripped in half, they had to share one thing and ask one question.  (Because I had more than 30 girls, I did cap the number of things they need to share to 4 squares of TP)

It was amusing and I learned a lot about everyone.  

I'd like to take credit for this activity, but I stole the idea from one of our members on our Facebook page, Caught In The Middle School Counselors.  If you need an idea, or have a problem, this is a great group of over 3000 counselors from all across the world who will have some great advice to share.
It's easy to join, and well worth it.  

All the links are below.  If you haven't checked them out, just click on the link below.  I know you will be glad you did!

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  • Elementary School Counselor Exchange (Facebook Group)
  • The School Counselor Store (Facebook Group)

  • The Middle School Counselor App


    1. Great idea for adults too. I host the Denver Therapists Networking group. I think I will give this a try for the group to get to know one another.

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