Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Discovering Ourselves--part of the Career Exploration Process

Career Exploration is a process.  It isn't a one time event.  It takes years to really figure out what is the best possible career out there for us.  There are lots of things to consider.  Do you like working with people, things, data, or ideas?  Do you want to work inside or outside?  What types of skills will one need?  What interests do they have?  

Our 7th grade students recently completed an interest survey.  Today I went into classes and talked about goals, interests, and multiple intelligence.  I started the conversation by asking them to define each of the 3 words.  Here are 2 of the posters:

Then I had them complete worksheets to help them identify their goals, interests and "smarts." This is just one of the worksheets I had the students complete.

When they were done with the worksheets and we discussed what they wrote, I also used some task cards where I had them Think-Pair-Share.

It was a great lesson and know I know they are ready to work on their career research, which they will begin next week.  Tomorrow, however, we will talk about college.

Want a copy of this lesson--aligned to ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors, the posters, the worksheets and task cards?  You can get a copy here.


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