Friendship BINGO

We have been talking about the qualities of a good friend in Lunch Bunch for the past two weeks and I wanted to be able to review what we learned that was fun before moving on to another topic.  As a result I made this Friendship BINGO game.  My kids love playing BINGO so I knew they would enjoy this.  
When they came in, I asked them to each tell me one good Friendship Habit.  Many of the answers I received were: respects what I have to say, cares about me, understands that I may other friends, tries to work out problems, etc.  We also talked about what qualities made a good friend--they're caring, loving, nice, happy, trustworthy, respectful, a good listener, etc.  
When we were done talking, they each took a board and some small colored floral stones to use as markers.  
 Here are a few pictures of them getting ready to play.

You can get your ow copy of this game through my TpT store.  Here is the direct link:  Friendship BINGO Game.  (I have it 50% off plus there is an additional 30% savings on top of that as TpT is having a sale!)


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