SC|CS16 Scholarship is now open!

We sold t-shirts, asked for donations, held a scholarship drive, asked for more donations, sold more t-shirts, lesson plans, and other stuff and over the past year, I am proud to say we have raised the most money for this scholarship to date!  Over 50 individuals and companies have helped to fund 8 scholarship applications (OK, so it is really 7 full scholarships and one that is 95% funded).  Each scholarship covers the cost of one ASCA Annual Conference conference fee of $369.

Want to join Jeff Ream (The Counseling Geek) and I in New Orleans this July?  Then you need to fill out this application!

Here is what we will be asking this year (directly from page 2 of the application):
Helping SCCS happen!
Please complete the following questions.
Short answer: What are you most excited about learning at ASCA 2016?

Short Answer: Why will attending ASCA 2016 help your students, school and/or community in particular?

Using the SMART format - please create one (or more) goals that you will work towards meeting by attending ASCA 2016. You may also use the below link submission to share a document using Drive, Dropbox or if that is easier. If you do - please enter "See link" in this question.

Specific:What will you or students do?

Measurable:What data will you measure to know if you met your goal?

Attainable/Action-Oriented:Is this "do-able"? How do you know?

Realistic/Relevant:Is this goal worthwhile? How does it help us meet our other goals?

Time-Bound:When will you meet this goal?

Link to your submission. Please provide any additional details or notes that may be helpful when using or opening your submission.
Fine print:
- Applicants must be credentialed school counselors or graduate students in a certified school counseling masters program to qualify. Need not be working full time to qualify.
- Applicant roles will be verified before funds are distributed.
- Recipients will be notified prior to the March 1st priority registration deadlines. Please plan on registering by that date.
- We understand that life happens and plans change. If you receive a scholarship and are not able to attend - please contact Jeff or Carol. We ask that funds be donated back to the scholarship in this instance.
- Only completed applications are considered.
Applications are reviewed based on several criteria, but not in this particular priority order:
- Demonstrated need of funding
- Impact of attending ASCA 2016 on your school and community
- Goals linked to attending ASCA 2016
- First time attenders
- Diversity in work setting (Elem, MS, HS / Rural or Urban / etc)
- And more.

While we wish we can give a scholarship to each applicant - we have to select a few each year. If you apply and are not selected this year - please apply in future years. We try not to select past recipients (though you may apply each year) to give as many people a chance to attend ASCA as we can. Best of luck and thanks for being an awesome school counselor!

APPS ARE DUE FEB. 20th 11:59pm


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