Thursday, February 2, 2017

Get Ready For National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week is a time to advocate and educate to parents, faculty, administration and stakeholders what our school counseling program is all about.  While a lot of people view it as a day of recognition for counselors, that is not the purpose of this week.  It truly is about getting the word out about what we do to help students.  

National School Counseling Week 2017, "School Counseling: Helping Students Realize Their Potential," will be celebrated from Feb. 6-10, 2017.  You can get a lot of information from the ASCA website about how to celebrate in your school.  

I love participating in all the photo challenges on Twitter.  

Because NCSW is such an important week, I've rounded up some free resources to help you let your school know what you do.

I put together a poster of the 7 Ups of Counseling and daily messages for mailboxes.   You can get them in my TpT store.

I also have an editable crossword puzzle that's perfect to leave in the lunchroom for students.  

Counselor Keri, also has some great kits to help celebrate.

Find it here

Find the Valentine's theme one here.

And, the Hollywood theme here

Keri also has a Guidance lesson for elementary school.

Brandy Thompson, The Counseling Teacher has these NCSW Bookmarks, which are perfect for the kids.  

Find the bookmarks here.

School Counseling Resource Junky has a neat bulletin board display to let everyone know your superpowers.

get your Super Powers posters here.

There's also these gift tags from Traci Brown.

I hope these help as you celebrate NCSW.  Be sure to join in the Twitter photo challenge and share your pictures and celebrations from your school with me.  


  1. Carol you are wonderful! Thanks for all you do for the parents, students and staff you serve AND especially for our school counseling community! We are all lucky to have you. Happy NSCW!!!

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