Counselor Connections

Hi All,

I thought I'd link 
everyone up with other counseling resources to help with your program.

Great Blogs:

General School Counseling

Great Websites:

Counseling Materials:


Am I missing any great sites?  Just leave a comment below with the link and I'll check them out and add to this collection.


  1. Hello! Your blog is great! I just discovered it today! I think we also re-pin things from each other frequently :)! I am just getting started in this field and also have started a blog about this profession! It's always great to create new connections and find new ideas! Thanks for having such a great blog! My link is below!



    1. Hi Allie,

      I do follow yur Pinterest Board and have checked out your website several times. For a newbie you some some pretty good ideas! Good luck as you start the job search!

      I'll be adding you soon to the website lists!
      PS--You may want to join our Facebook Group, Caught in the Middle School Counselors It's another great spot to share resources.


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