Lunch Bunch. . .Affirmations and a Self-Esteem Project

My 8th grade Lunch Bunch is all girls.  We have been working on self-esteem, and decided to have something to remind ourselves daily of how special we are.  Using washers, scrapbook paper, some mod podge and string, we made necklaces with our favorite affirmations.  This is a very easy, quick (except for drying time) and cheap project.  Basically I used all leftover scraps from other projects, except for the washers which came from my husband's toolbox.

To make the necklaces, brush a little mod podge on a washer and adhere the scrapbook paper.  Next cut the paper with sissors the shape of the washer.  For the inside, we poke a hole with a pen and used the edge of the sissors to shear it off.  I did use a nail file to smooth out the edges and make it look a little neater.  The girls wrote their inspirational message and we coated the top with another layer of mod podge.  We did this project over the course of two meetings because of the drying time and at the second session we added string.

Favorite affirmations included:
Always Sparkle
Wear An Invisible Crown
Keep Smiling
U R Loved
Be True To Yourself
Live, Love, Laugh

This was a great project because the girls not only love their necklaces (they are wearig them everyday), but the discussion we had while making them was great.  I love how they all listened to each share why they picked the message they used and why it was so important for them to remember each day.  It was a great day of pick me ups and smiles. 

On the day we finished the project the girls talked about messages they wanted to share with other people for them to remember to have  good feeling about themselves.

Do you have a favorite affirmation?  Leave a comment and share.


  1. Great idea! I'm doing this with my 5th grade girls moving on the middle school. Some of ideas they came up with were: Dream Big, I am loved, Sparkle fingers, Dare to dream, Believe, Keep calm and move on.

    1. Hi Kate,
      I love it! My girls still wear their necklaces everywhere.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. We made these with my Girl Talk group. They were a hit! Thank you!

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  3. Don.t let people determine your destiny is what i always tell my kids. Got ideas for young men?

  4. can you list theingredients and where to buy for example mod pledge> i do not have any idea what itis. thanks


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