Using Apps To Help Promote Your School Counseling Program
I have been asked what are my favorite apps to use, and I have often shared that I love the app fotovidia. 

Fotovidia is a great app to help build a slideshow.  Not only is it incredibly easy, but it takes little time to put together a slideshow.  Kids love looking at themselves, and I use this all the time to put together little "movies" of the kids working on their projects.  It is a great way to document the year, as well as, to show stakeholders what you do in your counseling program. 
To give you an example, I made this movie to show a glimpse into my life.  It is being shown tonight at our BOE meeting.
(Click on photo to start video)
In addition to fotovidia, other great apps to help promote your counseling program, and are fun for kids as well, are iMovie and iPhoto, and InstaFrame Pro. 

iMovie helps to create short documentaries of your work, and the one minute trailers are all pre-designed so you can either shoot short video clips or add photos.  You can even add your fotovidia slideshows and splice them together for a different look.

iPhoto helps to edit your photos. 
InstaFrame Pro allows you to add borders and frames to your photos.   
Here is an example:
Do you have a special app that you use?  Leave a comment or join in the conversation by any of the ways below:



  1. Niiiiiice job, Carol. I want you to be my school counselor. :)

  2. I created an Instagram to post inspirational quotes. I posted my name all over school and asked students to follow me. I don't follow anyone back (I do not want to look at 6th grade selfies all day!). I delete comments even if they are good ones. I've had some negative comments so I figured to show that I'm not tolerating any negativity, I deleted ALL comments. I don't want it to be an outlet for kids to post self injury or suicidal comments anonymously. The idea is to post something that may change someone's morning or ride home. Instgram is tricky because you have to control comments and people that follow you that may not go to your school that abuse it.

  3. Fotovidia is an astounding digital storytelling app! Not just can teachers utilize this tool to highlight a class or school event,however the utilization of a digital story is an awesome approach to present,show and/or review concepts.More importantly,this procedure can be used for an assortment of project-based assessments in which students can exhibit their understanding of skills procured amid a lesson or unit while envisioning,arranging,designing,composing and inventing—skills essential to 21st Century learning!Keep up the awesome work—and you'll be as nerdy as me right away. ♥

    Linda Smith.


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