The College Admission Process

The College Admission Process is different from the college search process.  Although the first step in the process is finding the right schools to apply to, the actual art of applying, is another whole process in itself.  
As I have been helping a few students outside of work, look for the right college, I updated all my resources and my workbook.  This has taken me 15 years to craft, but here is a rundown of what's inside. 

Anytime you feel like talking about college planning, let me know.  It's a love I can't let go of. 

I went into 8th grade classes today to talk about high school course planning.  Today was truly the first step in this process.  Over the next 5 weeks, I will be meeting individually with students and their parents to help select courses for 9th grade and work on the four year plan.  I love hearing the kids tell me all their hopes and dreams, and I love to be able to encourage them to go after them.

How do you help students with the college planning process?  Join in the conversation through one of the ways below:

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