Be Brave

I believe it is important as a school counselor to help students find their voice.  I like to listen to what they have to say.  Middle Schoolers are very insightful young people.  They still have a sense of fairness and responsibility, yet they still are full of innocence and youth.   I have about 50 students in my Lunch Bunch groups and we have talked a lot about bullying, friendship, and being an upstander.  We know how to respect people for who they are, and not what we believe they should be.  We have worked hard on the message we want to share with the world, and after many months, we have done it.  

Here is the voice they have found, to tell everyone to Be Brave and Be Yourself.

I hope you enjoy it.  


  1. I like your ideas! I am looking for ideas to do with my older students during lunch-time that will give them a voice or a time to do kindness activities, etc.. I am wondering about your lunch bunch, do you have 50 students all at once or spread out over different days?!

  2. I recenlty read that school wide approaches that address bullying can reduce instances by up to 50%. From what you wrote and what I can tell from the video, you are addressing many of the typical factors usually involved in bullying. It also appears that you may be reaching more than the bullied if you have 50 in your lunch bunch. I also read that bullies become highly at risk for criminal behavior and even homelessness and your program may be addressing that at an early age.


    Hunter Smith


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