ASCA Bound

I hope to check in with you over the weekend and next week.  I have much to tell everyone about the end of our school year which ended yesterday.  I did come in to work today to wrap up a few things and clean up my desk.  That was at 10am this morning and I am about to leave.  (Currently is is 4:40)  So much for an hour or two!

My desk is clean and I'm off to get something in the mail, go to the bank, and then make up some business cards.  I'll be taking my boys to dinner, since I won't be seeing them for the next week.  They will go camping with their dad while I'm at the conference.

I can't wait. . .

Remember check twitter.  Tweet to #ASCA14 and include me @tmscounselor.  If you are going to ASCA come see me present along with Carli Segal and Lisa Savinon.  Lisa, unfortunately had an unexpected situation develop, and won't be able to be with us in person.  She will be with us live via Google Hangouts.  So we will really show you how social media can help you build a professional learning community.

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    1. Hi Carol, I'm making the jump from elementary counselor (past 11 years) to middle school this year. I'm excited but nervous! Glad I found your blog, I'll definitely track your feed to keep up with resources.

      1. Hi Rick,

        You will love Middle School! Let me know if you have any questions.


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