#ASCA14 Highlights Part One--Building Your PLN Using Social Media

As promised, here is my presentation and our handouts from ASCA.  Carli and I really had a great time meeting everyone and sharing our passion about connecting with others.  Lisa, unfortunately was unable to go at the last minute, and we truly missed her, but she did make us a video to include so she was still with us, even from a remote distance.

Here's Lisa to tell you why using Social Media is so important in building your PLN:

Here is our presentation:

Building Your PLN With Social Media - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

In addition we showed a few other movies:

And our handouts:

Hope this inspires you to build your PLN.  I'll post a few other highlights soon.  Meanwhile start building your PLN by joining one of the groups below.

  • The Middle School Counselor Facebook Page
  • Carol's Pinterest Boards
  • The Middle School Counselor on Twitter
  • Caught In The Middle School Counselors (Facebook Group)
  • High School Counselors' Network(Facebook Group)
  • Elementary School Counselor Exchange (Facebook Group)
  • The Middle School Counselor App

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    1. Thank you so much for posting! I am totally building a PLN! Amazing.


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