Need Help Putting Together a Lunch Bunch Program?

Need Help putting together a Lunch Bunch Program?  I put together this TpT Lunch Bunch Lesson Planner.  It has everything from Lesson Plan templates to a Teacher Survey, Post Group Evaluation Form, Group Rules, Confidentiality Poster, Invites, a Parent Letter, Attendance Tracker, and How-to Tips.  Everything is editable, so you can customize you letters and forms to fit your exact needs.

I also designed this to help with RAMP certification, and to meet ASCA standards in putting your program together.

Here is the link to my TpT Store.

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    1. Is there a link that i can access your templates for Lunch bunch?

      1. Here it is:

    2. I was looking for a link as well. Is there not a link because it is posted on the Facebook page?

      1. Here it is!


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