Just sharing an inspiring video

I love when people share news clippings, videos, quotes, and other tidbits to make the day brighter.  Today my principal emailed our faculty this video.  It's great and I felt the need to share it with you.

This video is perfect, as we have been working in Lunch Bunch about how we inspire others.  This story is in itself inspiring and this football player definitely will be inspiring others, whether he knows it or not.

Do you Have any inspiring stories or quotes to share?  I'd love to hear them.

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    1. I love this! It is a great example for growth mindset, too, and showing students the difference between "talent" and "effort". It is great to see this young man taking more pride in something he put a lot of effort into!

    2. Great things are not one by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together"? Who was the author of one of the most inspiring quotes ever said Inspiring Stories


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