Friday's Message--National School Counseling Week

Happy Friday!  Here is my last of the messages I left for teachers.

Today was a fun day.  I spent four lunch periods in the cafeteria.  To keep with the Lego theme, my intern, Sarah, cut 300+ paper legos for the kids to write on.  We asked each student to write one act of kindness they preformed on their lego and then we posted it around the bulletin board that Sarah made earlier this week.

I also brought down my bucket of college goodies and if they handed me a completed NSCW Crossword Puzzle, I let them pick a prize.  Of course I also had tootsie roll pops for each student.

I love how someone wrote, "I helped an old man with his groceries."  Helping with homework was probably the most popular act of kindness.  I'm glad to see so many students who want to help their peers in school.

Hope everyone had a great NSCW15!

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  1. Wow, you really need to bake a batch of cookies for Sarah who cut out over 300 Lego papers for your theme! It honestly looked like so much fun for the kids to write on those Lego's and put them up on the wall for the National School Counseling Week. In the fourth and fifth picture, do they write on those Lego papers if they participated in that category of giving a compliment? Nonetheless, a awesome to promote happier and friendlier feelings in the school.


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