Teachers Pay Teachers fits into a Counselor's Back To School Budget!

I love Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you don't know what it is, it is a collection of stores where teachers sell their lesson plans, game ideas, posters, and other things to other teachers (or school counselors, social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, etc).

What I love about it is that your will find products that someone else wrote for their classroom and has used successfully.  You also can just buy one lesson, or a plan book, or poster without having to buy an entire book and wish for the best.  Not to mention, how many great things there are for FREE!

If you are a new counselor or a seasoned veteran, you can be sure to find something.  

I am a TpT seller, and I am also a buyer.  I have bought games and task cards from other counselors to help with my groups.  

This weekend, Friday, August 14th to Monday, August 17th, many School Counselor TpT store are having a BUNDLE OF A SALE!  That means all bundles (typically a collection of items in the store) will be 20% off.  Most bundles are already 30% off or more from purchasing the items separately, so if your budget is tight, this is a fantastic savings.

So I urge everyone to head on over to TpT and check it out.  Some of the SC Stores that will be on sale include:
Carol Miller and The Middle School Counselor
The Helpful Counselor
School Counseling is Magical
School Counseling Files
Mental Fills
Cheerful Counseling
Counselor Corner
The Crafty Counselor
The Counseling Teacher


  1. Great post, Carol. I have bought MANY wonderful activities to use with my group and individual counseling kiddos on TpT for really short money. The last time I bought a resource book from Amazon (it was something about doing therapy using superheroes), there was not a single thing I could use. And it was $60! I could have gotten literally a dozen or more things on TpT for that price.

  2. Nice post! The project Teachers Pay Teachers is great idea. It is much faster and easier to find really working things here than reading tons of literature or so. My son is new teacher he's just graduated and used to hire http://www.trustessaywriting.com/ for different kinds of writings. Now he need to gain some experience and I think there is no better place than TpT.


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