Borrowed Lesson--Dream Catchers

Today, I am featuring a lesson from Shannon Reynolds, a counselor at McCall school who shared this idea with us on Caught In The Middle School Counselors Facebook group.  I asked her if she would be willing to share it here and she graciously said, "YES!"  

So the following is from Shannon:

I am just wrapping up a small group with 4th graders that was titled "Scary Emotions".  Our group goal was to increase our understanding that we all have ALL kinds of emotions and that such is normal.  From there, I wanted to increase their ability to handle the "scary emotions" with skills that would help them vs make the problem worse.

My favorite activity they completed was the "EMOTION" Dream Catchers.  We looked at Native American Dream Catchers and them brainstormed a list of emotion words, dividing them into happy/sad or positive/negative emotions.

Each student received a blank "emotion catcher" to complete putting emotion words on the inside that they need help handling and surround the outside with emotion words that help them have successful days.  They were then able to use colored pencils, markers, yarn, real feathers, and pony beads to complete their projects.

This activity proved to create really good discussion and great projects that the kids were excited to take home! 
Below you will find a link to Dream Catcher.  I changed the word THERAPEUTIC to Emotion.

Here is a link to the Dream Catcher.  It's free on TpT!

I think Shannon did a great job with this lesson.  Thanks for sharing!  I can't wait to use this with my own kiddos here!

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