National School Counseling Week 2016-- Tuesday Message

Here is my message for the teachers' mailboxes.  I tried to incorporate this year's NSCW theme: School Counseling: The Recipe For Success into my message.  

Also today's #NCSW16 photo challenge was to "put the school in school counselor."  (My son is helping me stress the importance of the words--School Counselor.)  

If you're on Facebook, take a swing by the group, Caught In The Middle School Counselors.  I added a post to Thank a Counselor.  The responses have been quite touching.  It's so nice to see the impact our counselors have had on us.  It really is quite a recipe for success.  


  1. A good thought can be seen from this post. I am agree with you this concept here. Education is important in one's life. All other wealth will go in one flood or earth quake but education doesn't go
    anywhere until our breath stop. So it is important in our life.


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